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Top 5 Premium WordPress Plugin

For online businessman WordPress provides a great opportunity to expand their business on a large scale. A huge traffic on their web site shows their publicity range and also shows their earnings. Well to maintain the site and to make it more popular among users they need to install multiple plugins to make its access easy for viewers in which few are the most essential plugins to develop a proper site. Here, we will dicuss Top 5 Premium WordPress Plugin that enhance the quality of your page so must read.


It is a very useful plugin that provides you live views of readers about your posts and blogs that automatically adds their comments in the comments box. It is a source of communication between a developer and reader. Also they can give an answer by using their mailing address and the discussion will start. If you are interested in downloading this plugin then click the given link below.

Backup Buddy:

Backup Buddy is one of the best plugin among Top 5 Premium WordPress Plugin because it facilitates you to store your precious data of your web site that can be created problems for you in case of losing data. Yes I can understand that it becomes a very worse condition for a person who lost his important data and especially when he knows that it will never come back. But this will never happen again because now you can make backup of your whole content and blogs that can be restored whenever you want. Amazon Web Services, Rackspace, FTP, Dropbox and Email are options by which you can send your data to it.

SEO Presser Version 5:

Search engine optimization presser version 5 is interrelated with Google that optimize your content and ranks these blogs from most important to least important. Moreover, reminds you in case of having any trouble regarding your blogs that is the most favorable option of this plugin.

Hybrid Content:

The most favorable plugin is Hybrid Content that is used to make your blog more attractive in look and to change the themes of the contents. To use this plugin there is no need to lean the CSS and developing process because it is easy to use that is interlink with facebook network and has more than 30 themes to change your sidebar, content and pop overs and make optin forms to the contents.

WP Sharely:

The last, but not the least plugin coming in the list of Top 5 Premium WordPress Plugin is WP Sharely that gives you option to hide your unwanted content from your site. Viewers cannot view that blog that is selected to hide by using this plugin. It is a good way to remove the unnecessary material from the site, but will remain save behind the site’s image.


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